An inauguration ceremony has been held to officially affiliate the National Association of Registered Midwives (NARM) as a member Union of the Trades Union Congress (TUC). NARM consequently becomes the twenty-third Union to be affiliated with the TUC following the inauguration on March 24.

The ceremony which was held at the Hall of Trades Union – the building that houses the TUC and its affiliates- was attended by members of the TUC Steering Committee of TUC, Staff and members of TUC, as well as Executives and members of the NARM.

Address by TUC Boss

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, the Secretary-General of TUC, Dr Yaw Baah, commended the Executives of the National Association of Registered Midwives for their decision to affiliate with the TUC, adding that this would even make the two parties stronger in the quest for fighting for the better conditions of service for midwives in Ghana.

“I commend you for your decision to be affiliated with the TUC and cordially welcome you as well. The TUC has the vision of becoming the best trade Union in Africa, and joining us to achieve this feat would be remarkable. Affiliating to the TUC has several advantages, rights, privileges, and particularly the spirit of trade unionism and togetherness. Becoming an affiliate member of TUC would enable the Association to have a stronger voice in attaining its objectives. These same benefits, however, come with responsibilities and we would expect you to contribute towards the progress of TUC.”

The Secretary-General further highlighted the aims, objectives, structures, as well as operations of TUC, as enshrined in the TUC Constitution to members of NARM. He reminded them that the “Constitution of NARM should conform to that of TUC for obvious reasons.”

Dr Yaw Baah, subsequently, officially admitted the National Association of Registered Midwives into the TUC family on behalf of the TUC Executive Committee members.

Presentation of Affiliation Certificate

The Chairman for the TUC, Alexandar Nyarko Opoku, with support from the Secretary-General and the Vice-Chairperson of TUC, Dr Yaw Baah and  Philomena Aba Sampson respectively, presented the Certificate of Affiliation, as well as the TUC Constitution and Policy documents to the Executives of NARM. He reiterated that NARM should continually read the Policies and the Constitution, and familiarize themselves with its contents. He further urged them to actively participate in all TUC programs.

Appreciation from NARM

Receiving the documents on behalf of NARM, the President of NARM, Mary Ofosu, supported by her Vice President, Jonathan Yelefaari, commended the leadership of TUC for accepting NARM as an affiliate of the TUC, adding that they would adhere to the Policies and Constitution of the TUC. She added that she has feelings of nostalgia to receive the Certificate and the documents.

 “We are sincerely happy for affiliating with the big family of TUC. We are assured that the TUC is going to support us, especially in our challenges. With the support of TUC, NARM would be better than it used to be. On behalf of the entire membership of NARM, we are most grateful to the TUC for its affiliation with the TUC fraternity. We would also want to appreciate the initial convener, without whom this affiliation would not have been achieved, the late Hajia Rhidwana Hawa Amoako Gyei, for her immense contributions towards this feat,” she said.

She added that the Association would “continue to work effectively and to support the TUC achieve its objectives.”

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