Secretary-General’s Plenary Speech in the ongoing 112th Session on the International Labour Conference

Mr. President; Distinguished Delegates;

I would like to thank the Director-General and the ILO for bringing back Social Justice and Decent Work into limelight through the creation of the Global Coalition for Social Justice. Ghana Trades Union Congress is a proud member of the Coalition. We urge all unions that have not yet joined the coalition to join without further delay. 

This noble vision of the Director-General does not only enhance ILO’s image in the multilateral system, but it is also a clarion call on all of us (i.e., governments, unions, employers, civil society organizations, NGOs, multilateral institutions, especially the international financial institutions) to review and re-examine our goals, policies, laws, practices, activities, traditions, cultures and norms within the framework of social justice. The creation of the Coalition is very timely, given the fast-changing world of work and the acrimonious geopolitics we are witnessing today. 

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